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July 12, 2012

Since PSO2 has been getting the better of me lately, here’s a HUGE post today!

This show was good from the get go and stayed strong all the way. This is one of those shows you can watch when you have nothing better to do. It will probably make your day better and it’s very easy to watch. This show is one of those that don’t really need an ending but when it ends, it makes you feel a little sad that it ended. I personally enjoyed it and won’t ask for another season but if they do another, I’ll definitely pick it up again.

This show better have another season, unless this was supposed to make people float over the manga then it was a very good promotional series. The ending of the season didn’t conclude anything but opened up to a new arc in the story. Hopefully another season ensues and we can enjoy what is going to happen to Ayumu and co. Overall nothing really happened in the series but it was still enjoyable to watch (if you are into those harems and ecchi stuff).

This show actually ended…. I thought this show would go a little longer but it was random and crazy till the very end. I personally enjoyed this show too and wouldn’t mind another season of this.

Time skip to train and getting stronger is a common trend I’m noticing in anime lately. This anime looks like it’s going to do the same. Queen’s Blade had two seasons last time so I wasn’t surprised that this show didn’t end in one season either. Interesting plot development and looks like a lot more things are going to happen, if another season ensues. I really look forward to another season of this great series!

Onto the new series, first off is Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. This show starts with the hero saving another world from a demon lord. You’d think happily ever after and the hero returns to his own world. But what does the hero do when he returns to his own world? Apparently people going to other worlds and coming back  is not uncommon in this anime world. So there’s a school for those who learned magic and what not from the other world to become an asset to a better society. Interesting where this story is going because I have no idea what’s going to happen and I’m hoping the girls at the beginning of the episode are going to make a return appearance later in the series too (or it would be kind of sad how the princess just never sees the hero again ^_^)

I was waiting a whole year for this show to return and I’m loving it! I have not seen a series where the main character is naked for the whole episode (Who knows? He might be naked next episode too!). The anime picked off right where it left off and the episode was packed with action and humor. Definitely one of my favs this season.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita… seems like a very random anime but it’s quite interesting. It’s a world where the humans are slowing going extinct (due to low birth rates and limited resources) but there are fairies in this world. Most think fairies as a magical being doing magical stuff but in this show the fairies are smart and knows some advanced technologies. This show is cute but makes you think at the same time. Don’t know if I’m going to keep watching this show but it’s definitely up there for debate.


Natsuyuki Rendevous… I’m probably going to pass on this one but it’s seems like a typical love/drama anime with a hint of ghost. Other than that, I was honestly falling a sleep at the pace of the show. Some might like it but I’m going to pass.


And thus ends a long post… now back to PSO2 :D….


July 7th, 2012


The season ends but this show was very good from start to finish. It definitely contended as one of the best anime of the season imo. This anime had everything, comedy, action, story (still developing), and character. Most of the characters are memorable and each episode was well done. The action at the end was insane and I was thinking that this anime wasn’t going to have much fighting scenes. The last episode was just an aftermath of the the latest crisis the student council encountered, but the best part is how the story is not over. There are many hints of another season (something about saying to be continued at the last scene) and I’m definitely looking forward to that.

SWORD ART ONLINE, BEST ANIME OF THE YEAR… I hope…. This was the one show I was looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint me at all. The first episode was good, the plot is very interesting and I always find anime that has virtual worlds involved intriguing (ex. .hack, accel world, etc). Anyway the art reminds me of another anime called the Sacred Blacksmith (which was an okay anime imo) and this screen shot I took… if you’ve seen bokurano, you’ll get it… Anyway I have very high hopes for this anime and I really am looking forward to the next episode… speaking of which the newest one piece ep is starting in a bit…  anyways, have a nice day and see you laters.


July 6th, 2012


Sankarea ended quite abruptly with a cliffhanger to boot. I’m guessing that extra episode that is coming out later is going to continue from the last episode of this season. Overall this series went very well, the biggest problem in the story was “kinda” resolved but nonetheless I’m hoping for another season.

This show is great! It has a little bit of everything and the episode flies by very quickly. I love parodies and comedy and this anime will probably satisfy those needs for me this season. The anime is simply about a girl who has a lot of fortune and the god of misfortune comes by to take it all away from her. There’s more to it than that but that’s the main jiff of things. I think this might become my season favorite unless an anime that has yet to be aired, surprises me (waiting for sword art online).

July 5th, 2012

This was one of the most anticipated anime for me this season and it delivered very well. The ending was fine and it doesn’t look like it’ll have another season but I’m okay with that. The anime did everything I wanted and the ending was quite good. Too bad this anime was only one season long… Oh well… Maybe there will be another season in the future, who knows?

When I first saw this anime I was like K-ON!!!!, and when I watched it the first thing that I noticed (and got a good laugh at) was the song that the choir was singing. It was the main theme from True Tears, Reflectia from Euphonia (I think…). As I watched this ep I kept thinking True Tears… and well my final opinion on episode 1 is if K-ON was a more serious anime, it’ll look something like this. Pretty good first episode and there was a lot of foreshadowing for the incoming eps. Overall a good first ep.


July 4, 2012

This season anime was great!! Many good animes have ended (though I hope there will be second seasons of some of the series) but it’s a new season and there are a handful of promising looking shows. I decided to put a review of one that ended, and one that just started starting from today (until I run out again).


Tasogare Otome X Amnesia… this anime started off as a very interesting show. Then I thought it was going to be one of those anime… but the series went extremely well and the ending was great. Some people may want a second season for this show but I think it’s fine as is. The ending is where most anime tends to lack but this anime had a good intro, decent pacing, and the ending was solid. Overall I’d give this anime a pretty good score. I think it’s one anime that most people can watch and enjoy.

This man…. is not the main character… thank god, but seriously though, this man looks outrageous. This show is called Kingdom and it’s one episode five already. If you like historical anime this is a pretty good watch. It’s hard to give a synopsis of the anime without spoiling anything, but trust me watch the first episode (it’s an hour special! (woot! woot!)) If it doesn’t draw you in then don’t watch it but if it does, keep watching cuz it gets better. Lots of big time VA’s (voice actors) and I was wondering where Ichigo’s VA was and here he is, the main character of this show. I really enjoyed how this anime mixes the 3d and the 2d animation. It looks weird at first but it’s quite interesting how it flows well.

Anywho, till next time!

May 21, 2012

Yep, this is the 2nd episode of an OVA called Kuttsukiboshi. The first episode came out around two years ago. It also left in a cliff hanger so  I was curious how it ended. It’s about two girls who meet during the summer, one of them has telekinesis and the other finds out about it. The two experiments with the power and her power steadily increases slowly as the summer goes by. Without spoiling too much, it’s a yuri anime. And let me say that I had no intention of doing a review for this anime, but the second episode was really good. My reactions was something along the line of: starting off as -_- to ^_^ to O_o. The ending was surprisingly very well done and if you don’t mind the mild ecchi and yuri action, this is one anime that will go into my record book as a pretty good anime.

May 14, 2012

Random anime I decided to watch. Separated into 10 segments, the anime is called Busou Shinki. Reminds me a little of Angelic Layer, the overall show was only 30 min or so and it was not bad. The length was too short for me, since it’s probably made as a promotional anime for the game, but it brought a small closure which I thought was good. If this gets a season in the future, I’ll probably watch it.


At first I wasn’t interested in this show, something about those K-ON! face, but the show ends up being pretty interesting. The image above shows the main character, Houtaro, he is one lazy dude and tries to keep everything as simple as possible. He hates wasting energy, but he is brain is pretty sharp. The anime starts off as a mystery solving anime, and continues this trend to a point. In the newest episode, a plot finally develops and there is a direction to the show now. Overall pretty good anime for now.


May 11, 2012

Random, random, random!! That is the only way to describe this show. Very fun to watch, but one episode is only like a few minutes. For those who don’t have a lot of time to spare, this anime is good for those busy people and wants a quick laugh.


May 9, 2012

Kinda behind on this series but here’s Accel World. I always liked the art on the manga but never read it so when it came out as an anime I was like whoohoo! Watched the op and my reaction was, well it looks like one of those anime… Gave it a go and found out that this anime is packed with drama and action. Pretty good series overall and probably going to be one of the more popular one this season. A good watch for those people that wants a lot of action and lots of drama.

Nope, he’s a trap. I sure was fooled until he came out later in the series. Haiyore Nyaruko is an obnoxious, ridiculous, OMG what the hell! kind of anime. Lots of jokes and parodies in every episode along with it’s chaos and almost no storyline at all. In the past two eps however, it seems like this is series is developing a sort of arch, god who knows how this is going to end, but I’m looking forward to this show every week now. Looked retarded at first but I’m liking this series quite a bit. Not for the faint of heart… XD

On a side note, queen’s blade rebellion is getting quite interesting… not all is what it seems….

May 7, 2012

I did not know this was turning into an anime, so when I saw the first episode come out weeks before, I was all over it. I’m actually very happy with the anime version so far. It follows the manga very well and the choice of voice actors are very good. It matches the characters very well imo. Some may argue that the characters aren’t the prettiest they’ve seen but I don’t mind the art at all. Don’t know if it is one of the best anime of the season but it is definitely one of my favorite anime this season.


Tasogare Otome X Amnesia, I thought this was going to be a horror anime (a genre I actually like) but it’s more like a slice of life with a ghost thrown in it. Overall I was looking forward to this anime (since I thought it was going to be a horror anime) but when I saw the first episode, I didn’t know what to say. It’s not what I expected but it was still a very interesting first episode. Five episodes later, I can honestly say that this anime is pretty good. Humor with a small thriller thrown in the mix. In terms of plot, not much developed yet but it something is coming (see ep 4). Oh, the opening song is REALLY GOOD and very pretty.


May 3, 2012

Finally have time to watch some anime…. First off Medaka Box! One of the anime series I was looking forward to this season. Since I’ve never read the manga, I didn’t know what to expect, except that it was very popular when I was visiting Japan this past winter. School council taking requests from people throughout the campus. Sounds like slice of life but then we have the main heroine who is a super human that is perfect at everything she does. The first ep starts off mellow but quickly gets ridiculous  (in more ways than one). If I could compare how I felt watching the first ep… it was like watching the first ep of Gurren Lagann. Speaking of Gurren Lagann, a character that looks like Kamina (and sounds like him too) also appears in the first ep. Coincidence?


Now this series…. Queen’s Blade is now onto it’s third season?! (Surprise, surprise) Anyway, I don’t know if you guys got a hint from previous posts, that I’m not a fan of anime that only focuses on fan service and I tend to cringe a lot if there is too much focus in that area. I know a lot of guys out there like that stuff (and not to say it’s a bad thing, I mean we all love boobies and dat ass right?) but if that takes away from the show being really good, then I can’t think of a better example than this series. The first season was whatever in my opinion but the second season what I considered to be pretty good. This is where I started to really like this series. Though there is constant flow of fan service, I actually enjoyed the story and the dramatic parts that were in the series. Also the songs and the bgms were really good too.

I was honestly not too interested in this series, simply because the main character didn’t appeal to me that much. I really like Reina as the main character a lot better from the other two seasons but it is a nice change of pace to see a whole new cast (and some old) of characters coming into this series.

The story is pretty much a direct sequel to the second series. It interesting to see how a lot the good guys in the first series seem to be the villians in the second series. That’s the vibe the show is giving off at this point in time. Hard to say if this series is going to be good but it seems to have gotten a nice start. Granted half the season is almost done but the show is picking up pace on ep 4 (yep I’m one week behind cuz I wait for the uncensored version). Honestly I don’t care for the fan service from this show but blinding light is more annoying than the fan service itself so that’s my reason.

You can watch this show without watching the previous seasons but you’re missing out if you don’t.

Loooong post….





May 3, 2012

OVA’s today, and we have two shows. First is ep 00 of Kore wa Zombie Desuka? OTD. Standard fanservice full ova content ep. Overall it’s an enjoyable show if you like this show already. You can never have too much of a show you like right?

I was not expecting an OVA from this series, but it turned out to be a nice little extra ep from C3 Cube X Cursed X Curious. This show overall is not bad, an incomplete series (seems to be a common trend now days,) hopefully they made enough to make a second season…


April 27, 2012

Busy, busy, busy, life and all. Moving onto the next anime…. zombies seems to be a popular subject in the past year or so in the anime world and this season is no exception. When i heard this anime “Sankarea” was going to be an anime, I was mad hyped and boy did they do a good job. It follows the manga really well and the anime (for once) doesn’t have excessive fan service (hurray! XD). Not to say all fan service is a bad thing but some anime goes over board and ruins the overall anime (for me anyways). Interesting plot, good art, and most of all zombies… Ep 4 just came out so I suggest you go watch it if you haven’t already. One of the best anime series of the season for sure…

On a side note, Acchi Kocchi is really good. Another personal favorite of this season for me.



April 13, 2012

Another day another anime… Next up, just watched the second episode of kore wa zombie desuka ? of the dead and I have to say, it’s not bad at all. I wasn’t expecting much since I often say that it is rare for an anime’s second season to be better than the first (unless it’s one of those ongoing anime). First ep left with you with a big LOL and the second episode ends with a smile on your face. All in all good show, nicely done.

On another note, just started watching Fate/Zero season 1, looks really good so far, the op and ed is awesome!!




April 11th, 2012

No this is not Konata :(   Found this anime this past weekend and I could only describe this anime with one word…cute. Oddly enough, the first episode was pretty good with a lot of humor and minor parodies (see if you can find them). Reminds of me a typical slice of life anime that is easy on the eyes.


I know the season started like a week ago but it took a little while for me to get started. Better late than never I guess.

This season looks very strong. Last week Thursday, I was really hyped at the roster of really good anime that are airing this season. Normally I usually pick up a few series every season and continue to watch the ongoing stuff. However this season’s line up looked so good that I had no choice but watch many of them.

Series I personally picked up this season

  • Sankarea
  • Acchi Kocchi
  • Mysterious Girlfriend X (aka Nazo no Kanojo X)
  • Medaka Box
  • Accel World
  • Queen’s Gate Rebellion
  • Yurumates 3D
  • Ozuma
  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka of the Dead
  • Ph Brain Season 2
  • Haiyore Nyaruko-san
  • Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

I am planning on watching the second season of Fate/Zero (after i watch the first season)

I’ll cover each of these series a little later so I’ll see ya laters