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Little Busters!

So it’s been almost a month since an Anime post was done, so I figured I’d do one. I’m already doing a blog involving anime and PSO2 and such, but I can update here as well. Unfortunately, my blog is in Japanese only so you can read some reviews in English here on the Odo Faction website.

Anways, this show is amazing. I haven’t played the game but it has a really good start. I found myself laughing several times during throughout the 2nd episode. The background story is a bunch of friends from presumably elementary school got together and called themselves “Little Busters” (hence the title), and they get together again in high school to try and do something before Kyousuke, their leader, graduates. The other four members of Little Busters are a year younger, I believe.

This show is definitely worth watching.

Rin is a cat lover. Nya~ <3

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