OF LoL Roster

Starting Roster



·Name: Matthew Odo
·Role: Support
·Peak Solo-Queue Rating: Platinum V
·Specialty: Saving Cam
·Favorite Champions: Soraka, Nami, Sona

A founding member of the Odo Faction, he has been with the team since the start. Always a smart and calculated player who will never take unnecessary risks. He is well known among his teammates for not making mistakes. He has claimed to always love helping teammates succeed, so naturally he fell into supporting in League of Legends. Even though it is tough to draw bans from his role, opposing teams often respect The ‘Worm’s Thresh.




·Name: Reid Uyehara
·Role: Jungler
·Peak Solo-Queue Rating: Gold III
·Specialty: Dunking
·Favorite Champions: Jarvan IV, Gangplank, Maokai

The General has been with The Odo Faction from the start, and naturally joined the League of Legends roster. He loves to aggressively start fights and murder vulnerable enemies, so jungling suits him quite well. Always applying strong pressure on the map and powerful initiates, the General’s Jarvan is an expected ban in many games.




·Name: Rayson Yugawa
·Role: Mid
·Peak Solo-Queue Rating: Gold III
·Specialty: First Blood
·Favorite Champions: Ryze, Zyra, Draaaaaaaaaaaven

A long-standing member of the Odo Faction, SoulSeizures has always been a fan of carrying the late game. Due to this “farm now, win later” mentality, champions such as Ryze fall right into his comfort zone. Raisin’s consistent farming ability makes him an inevitable and powerful threat late in every game, and in nearly every game his Ryze is banned.




·Name: Cameron Green
·Role: AD Carry
·Peak Solo-Queue Rating: Platinum III
·Specialty: Eating Nidalee spears
·Favorite Champions: Ezreal, Vayne, Caitlyn

The first mainlander to join OF’s League of Legends team, he and sniperworm met in a solo queue match in around September 2012.  A long-time AD Carry main, Satou simply enjoys doing damage while being as mobile as possible. As an ex-competitive SC2 player, his strengths rely in his mechanical ability as well as farming.




·Name: Gavin Sullivan
·Role: Top
·Peak Solo-Queue Rating: Platinum II
·Specialty: Existing
·Favorite Champions: Jayce, Nidalee, Shen

Sneaky is the Loldo Faction’s most recent addition, brought into the team by Satou. His ability to 1v1 and trade damage like a monster combined with his keen awareness suits him very well for his role in top lane. Almost always able to win a lane by himself, he often finds himself splitpushing with strong duelist champions such as Rengar.






·Name: Chad Taira
·Role: Substitute/Strategist
·Specialty: Feeding
·Favorite Champions: Garen, Renekton, Twitch

An original member of the Loldo Faction, Pervatasaurus is a master troll and genius. He has found numerous ways to win where he really shouldn’t be, and since retiring as a player has taken the roll of the team’s coach with strategies such as “Throw the first match intentionally!”





·Name: Bobby Kuraya
·Role: Substitute/Shoutcaster
·Specialty: Tibberzzzzz!!!
·Favorite Champions: Annie, Vi, Lissandra

DarkM, being a long-standing member of the Odo Faction, has always been an avid cheerleader for the League of Legends team. Never having the time to commit to practice, he participates by shoutcasting events for the Loldo Faction as well as making YouTube videos. DarkM does like to play League whenever he can, almost exclusively playing Annie to wreck face.