Odo Faction Super Smash Bros Wii U Tournament Ruleset and Information

This ruleset is constructed to deliver the best competitive tournament format possible.

Smash Series and Manoa Monthlies 2016 Ruleset

MM11 Cover

General Info
It is YOUR responsibility to stop playing friendlies etc. and pay your entry and house fee. Once the tournament matches have started we will not restart the tournament to add anyone.

This tournament will be livestreamed on
The Livestream station/area is off limits to everyone except Tournament Staff and commentators.

House Keeping

NOTE: These House Keeping Rules will be heavily enforced and will be punished on a case by case basis at the Event Staffs discretion
NO excessive shouting or screaming
NO swearing and or offensive language of any kind
NO smoking
NO consumption or possession of alcohol in the venue
NO outside drinks (support the venue concession) all non venue drinks must be consumed outside
NO littering (please throw away your trash, cans and bottles)

Character Bans (Subject to change)
All characters are tournament legal.

Tournament/Event Rules

Singles and Doubles Stage List
Battlefield (Starter)
DreamLand 64 (Counterpick)
Duck Hunt (Counterpick)
Final Destination (Starter)
Lylat Cruise (Starter)
Smashville (Starter)
Town and City (Starter)

Stage Bans
Each player/team gets 1 stage ban per match.

Prize Payout
Tournament Cash Pot
Payout will vary depending on the number of entrants
Common payout examples are
Top 3 – 60/30/10
Top 4 – 50/25/15/10

Custom Moves
Custom Special Moves are not allowed unless the tournament specifically calls for it.
Mii Brawler, Gunner and Sword Fighter are all legal.
All Mii Fighters may only use moveset 1111.

Importing Custom Movesets
These Rules only apply if Custom Moves are legal for tournament use.
Players MAY NOT import Custom Movesets using their Super Smash Bros for 3DS/3DSXL for tournament play.**
Players MAY NOT create Custom Movesets manually on the Wii U consoles for tournament play.
Players MAY NOT import Custom Movesets for Mii Fighters for tournament play.
**Imports for non Mii Fighters may be allowed in the future.

Custom Equipment
Custom Equipment is banned.
Any player that is caught using equipment during a tournament game will be penalized a game loss.
If a player is caught twice they will be immediately disqualified.

Disqualified players will forfeit any prizes/cash payout and will not be eligible for refunds.

Controls/Button Configuration
You are responsible for your own controls. You will not be allowed to change your controls once a game has started. You will be allowed to change your controls after the game is finished.

Bring Your Own Controller
All players are responsible for providing their own controller.
Players with any wireless controllers must always have AT LEAST one battery out when not in use to ensure it’s not synched to multiple stations.
The Wii U gamepad will not be allowed to use in tournament. This is because only 1 can be used per Wii U.

Set Procedure
1- The first game is played on a Stage selected from the Starter Stage List either by mutual consent or through the Stage Striking Method. The order of stage striking will be 1-2-2-1. The player closest to the player 1 position will always strike first.
2- Each player selects their character. A double blind pick may be called by any player.
3- The first match is played.
4- The player that lost the previous match announces the stage for the next match from either the Starter or the Counterpick Stage List.
5- The player that won the previous match chooses their character.
6- The player that lost the previous match chooses their character.
7. The next match is played out.
Repeat steps 4-7 for all proceeding matches.

The Redemption Clause
If 2 players meet twice in the same tournament before a Finals set, that 2nd match is always
a best 3 out of 5.

Reporting to Matches
Players will have 5 minutes to report to their match once it is officially announced.
Players that are not present and ready to play by then will forfeit their match.
Players will be notified by a Tournament Organizer when they are next in line for a tournament match.

Stage Misc Rules
You do not have to play on a stage that you have already previously lost on in a set.
It is the players responsibility to remember this rule and enforce it in their matches.

If both players wish to be in the Player 1 position for stage striking purposes, players will decide for it by Rock-Paper-Scissors

Conduct Rules

Tournament Collusion in any form will be punished under Zero Tolerance. (No Warnings)
Tournament Collusion consists of but is not limited to…
-Intentional forfeiting
-Match fixing
-Bracket Manipulation

Pot Splitting
Open talk of and the act of Pot Splitting in the tournament venue will not be tolerated.
It is the players choice to do what they wish with the money that they win. However this should be handled and discussed AWAY from the tournament venue and AFTER the tournament is over.
Any discussion of Pot Splitting between players while the tournament is in progress will be punished under the Collusion Zero Tolerance rule.

Misc Rules

•The Amanda St. Clair Suicide Clause: If a Suicide Special Move forces a “Sudden Death”, the initiator of the Special Move is the winner. Respect the victory screen in all other cases.

•Team Colors Courtesy Clause: Players must use character colors that match their team color if at all possible to avoid confusion.

•Bowser Jr’s Clown Car Glitch: ​: If the Bowser Jr.’s Clown Car Glitch happens, players are to pause the match and call a TO or a staff member over to confirm the glitch has happened. Once confirmed, players will reset the match to the same stocks and get as close to the percents as they had when the Glitch took place. (The Bowser Jr. Clown Car Glitch happens when the car respawns after using Up B right before the player loses their stock. The character starts to teleport around, also hit boxes and animations for Bowser Jr. change.)

•Player Substitutions: No player/team substitutions are allowed.

•Ulitimate Razer’s “No Coaching” rule: Spectators may NOT coach/give advice to the players. Coaching in-between games of a set is ok. Coaches MUST be declared before the set begins. Once a set has begun a player can not request a coach until the full set is finished. A player may choose to switch coaches at anytime during a set but there can only be ONE coach per player at a time. All players reserve the right to refuse to be a coach/stop coaching for any player at any time.

•Chibo’s “Video-for-the-masses” rule: You cannot refuse to be recorded if you pay money to enter an event. The tournament organizer has the right to save/record any tournament match if possible and has the right to upload said match.

•The “MikeHaze” rule: No yelling or making abrupt noises at your opponent. This applies to EVERYONE, players and spectators. Simply talking to the players (and Exodia moments) are exempt.

•The Tournament/Event Staff reserves the right to remove you from the venue at his discretion for any reason.

•Personal Property Damage/Loss: The Tournament and venue staff may not be held liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods during this event. Nor will the Tournament Organizer, the venue, its owners, affiliates, employees, members, sponsors, or volunteers be held liable or responsible for any injury or harm that may befall a person during the course of this event. By entering the venue during the posted date you are displaying your agreement with this policy.